Friday, September 08, 2006

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Comreturn Spyware And Anti-virus removal and prevention!

There is a very wide range of anti-virus and spyware removal tools on the net today .I am going to touch on the programs available as freeware , ( Software that is free period and without adware and other malicious code inserted into the program ) Spybot search and destroy is an excellent "FREEWARE" program and can be DOWNLOADED HERE! (free and tested by me NO catches! ) spybot comes in all language formats ...

Freeware is in general a risky venture in the fact that software developers are being paid by advertisers to insertsome kind of money making code in their product .
There are reputable programs available that I have tested and in some cases I am still using These utilities I have no problem promoting as they have proven they are free of malware and are better in most cases than the paid for programs .

A lot of the big name programs ,while I am not going to knock them too hard ( Because these are big and I know they will always have supporters "SOME PAID"! some just comfortable with the high priced support they offer.) I find if you are willing to try and do it yourself you will have more control over your system and your processer memory . Take it or leave it some of the big names suck a lot of resources while running in the background .

Also the issue of safe browsing is also a question you need to ask yourself !If you are into file sharing programs such as kazzaa without proper instruction on the risks involved then there WILL BE TROUBLE ! There is a little thing called bad neighborhoods on the internet the same as anywhere else .

If you are going to the bank machine at midnight there is good chance you are going to get ROBBED , DON'T BE STUPID .

Downloading of every free program you see is also another way of getting serious infection in your system. Some people i have talked with have not had security programs of any consequence or problems until their browsing habits changed or interests in hardware and software needed updateing and they went looking for a fix and thought free was the way to go.


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